Customer Satisfaction

Want to improve customer satisfaction and CSI scores? Online surveys show you what's working and highlight areas for improvement so you can easily identify and resolve customer service issues and complaints.
Improve Service
Use customer feedback to improve your service, understand patterns of complaints and uncover the underlying causes.
Generate Loyalty
Keep customers happy, so they return and recommend you to others.
Optimise Operations
Feedback alerts and CRM integration streamline surveying efforts. 
Customer Satisfaction Features
Customer Satisfaction is designed to make it easier for dealers to engage with and receive feedback from their customers and remedy negative customer experiences and poor CSI scores.
Survey Generator
Create and publish surveys in minutes with an intuitive question bank featuring multiple question types. Choose from a variety of delivery options including SMS, email and telephone and drill down into the data to uncover important customer feedback insights.
Complaint Aggregator
View all open complaints by department and quickly identify training or resource issues.
Streamlined & Automated Responses
Automate responses with a range of email and letter templates and streamline processes with customised complaint categories and resolution codes
Create Value With Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction
  • Access Valuable Feedback
  • Access Valuable Feedback
    Happy customers are the secret to any dealership’s success. Survey results are delivered directly to your team, allowing advisors instant access to customer feedback and making it easier to turn data into action.
  • Improve Your Reputation
  • Improve Your Reputation
    Let customer feedback drive your great reputation. Automatically schedule online surveys and receive instant feedback alerts, so you can stay on top of what your customers are saying and better position yourself to make informed service decisions.
  • Accelerate Resolution
  • Accelerate Resolution
    Responding to customers promptly is critical when resolving complaints. Integrated within the Drive CRM, all staff can see any unhappy customers or ongoing issues and take immediate steps to finding a solution.
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