5 May 2021

Introducing the In-Car Booking System concept from Keyloop

Despite much time spent developing mobile applications, car manufacturers still have a lack of visibility over the 'last-mile' activities of their customers and vehicles, including car maintenance. In Keyloop's innovation lab, one of the key Focus Areas is in-vehicle platforms, as these systems are expected to become more open and standards-based in the next few years. The result of our efforts is a first-of-its-kind solution that is set to revolutionise the industry, creating a frictionless experience for consumers and giving manufacturers greater visibility over their customers’ activity post-sale.

We are proud to introduce to the market our In-Car Booking System proof of concept which allows drivers to book vehicle maintenance and service appointments in their vehicle with just a few touches of their navigation screen.

How does it work?
  • The driver receives an in-car alert through the navigation system that the car has a fault, or needs a service;
  • On the navigation screen, Keyloop’s booking system pops up and the driver selects ‘quick book’ to begin the process;
  • Details of the nearest workshop and available appointments (from within the franchise network) are displayed on the screen;
  • The driver can select the preferred appointment, book and pay in a matter of seconds, with options for add-ons and modifications at the checkout.
For critical faults, the whole booking process can be undertaken while the car is in motion, much like changing a radio station. If it is a non-critical fault or a reminder to book a service, the pathway is longer with more opportunities to modify the booking, so the driver will be advised to pull over. The pathways used and the advice given to the driver can be customised depending on the OEM’s guidance. To see the system in action, watch our short demo video here: 

What is the benefit to manufacturers?
Not only does our solution reduce friction for consumers when it comes to booking car repairs or services, but it also helps manufacturers by keeping these consumers on the franchise network for aftersales care. Our basic framework can be adjusted and integrated into manufacturers’ existing systems, with the opportunity for customisation.