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How can you use these standard integration methods and bring them to life?

Put an end to rekeying

Data simply has to be accurate, timely and complete across all areas of a modern dealership. Rekeying data from one application to the next can be slow and invite errors.

That’s where Keyloop’s Open standard integrations methods comes in. It synchronises your app with orders, notes, customer information and vehicle data from the Dealer Management System, all in real time. You make everything more accurate, improve the user experience, and – most importantly – end a pain point for the dealers you work with.




For example, the /sales-order endpoint can post all this directly to the DMS:

  • Salesperson
  • Sales type
  • Invoice party information
  • Invoice values
  • Finance information
  • Deposit information
  • Sales contacts
  • Vehicle data
  • Vehicle specification
  • Vehicle options
  • Trade-in vehicles

The standard integration methods respond with {salesOrderId}, which can retrieve the order when used as a parameter on the /sales-orders/ endpoint.

The Keyloop open platform also includes get and post methods for repair orders, customer and company records, vehicle inventory and customer vehicles.

Full API descriptions

Connect the full dealer ecosystem

Business flows when information flows. With Keyloop’s Open standard integration methods, you can be sure that the dealer decisions your app supports are made using the best and very latest data on sales, customers, orders and vehicles. 

Changes to bookings, orders and customer details that are made in the DMS can be pulled into your app using the standard integration methods.

For example, calling the /repair-orders endpoint for a specific dealer returns a list of repair orders.  If you’re only interested in orders at a specific stage, the status parameter can be used to limit the results.

Or: If you know the ID of the order or item you’re looking for, your app can request the details directly using:




Other repair order information can also be retrieved using status-log, vehicle and payments objects.

Full API descriptions


Create relevant and valuable customer experiences

If your app helps dealers build valuable, long-term relationships with their customers, then reliable and timely data for call centres, sales teams, call management software and others is critical. Our CRM standard integration methods provide interactions with customer data in the DMS, such as:


  • Customer’s contacts
  • Customer’s privacy preferences
  • Data to verify the customer’s identity
  • Customer’s vehicles
  • Create and update customers and their vehicles


For example, to create a new customer in the DMS, you would use /customers, and post data such as:

  • The customer’s names, salutation and title
  • Identifying data, such as a birthday
  • Addresses, both work and home
  • Contact details, such as mobile, landline, fax and email
  • Privacy preferences

The standard integration methods respond with {customerId}, which can be used to retrieve the customer when used as a parameter on the /customers/ endpoint.

Full standard integration method descriptions


The certification process

Become a certified Keyloop partner

First things first: You must be certified to become a Keyloop partner. During the process (which takes about six weeks) we’ll work with you to:

  • Validate your proposed standard integration method
  • Access dedicated trial instance of our DMS
  • Test the integration
  • Pilot the integration with one of your customers

Why get certified?

  • We’ll help make sure your integration works smoothly
  • We’ll give you go-to-market support to help promote your new ‘Certified Partner’ status
  • Keyloop support to help engage your users

Want to know more about the Keyloop Partner Programme?