Take care of all your dealership’s printing needs and streamline operations with Print from Keyloop, a single solution that brings you the latest Lexmark printers, central support and proactive monitoring of supply levels, including toner.
Boost Profitability
Say goodbye to hidden printing equipment costs, thanks to central hardware management.
Optimise Operations
A comprehensive look into printing usage helps reduce costs and improve efficiency.
Ensure Quality
With Lexmark printers and branded toner products, your output is consistently high quality.
Print Features
Keyloop's printer rental model gives you access to the devices you need for your dealership’s daily printing demands, while remote monitoring of toner levels makes sure you never run out.
Everyday Efficiency
With next business day repair and consumables replenishment, online print usage reports, proactive monitoring and automated supply of toner, we have all your basic print needs covered.
Comprehensive Support
Choose from a range of quality printers recommended by Keyloop and enjoy on-site delivery, installation and configuration. Plus, you’ll have helpdesk support for any future hardware issues.
Proactive Monitoring
Have all your dealership’s printing details, including information on usage and payment, at your fingertips – no need for expensive tender requests.
Create Value with Print
  • Cut Down on Costs
  • Cut Down on Costs
    Printing can be a significant ‘hidden fee’ for your dealership. It’s not just the equipment itself – there’s the administrative costs and administration of ordering consumables, including toner. With proactive monitoring and just in time delivery, you can unify your printing operations and discover a more productive - and potentially more profitable - experience.
  • Optimise Efficiency
  • Optimise Efficiency
    Pay for what you print with a single, easily budgeted payment and use Print’s monitoring tool to stay in control of your dealership’s output. We work exclusively with Lexmark to ensure consistent print quality across all departments, helping make reprints a thing of the past.
  • Oversee Dealership Printing
  • Oversee Dealership Printing
    Monitor printer and toner usage with your own extranet site and see exactly how much you use and pay for, helping to create greater transparency in your operations and improve your printing habits.
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