Introducing Keyloop's Training Academy

Training from the experts at Keyloop helps you and your business to get the most out of your investment.


A successful dealership relies on its team understanding the technology they're using every day. Investing in training and certification from Keyloop gives your workforce the tools they need to use our systems.

The Learning Journey

Your Keyloop Dealer Management System (DMS) is a powerful tool. It comes with a wide range of features designed to help your dealership operate more efficiently, productively, and profitably. Whenever you chose a product or service from Keyloop, you can be sure it comes with all the ongoing support you need.

We offer a blended training approach throughout our Learning Journey. This includes: 

  • Learning by exploring our software in our hands-on workshops, led by a trainer through our online academy
  • eLearning in a simulated Keyloop Drive system
  • Online competency testing


Our training methods

All of our workshops run in virtual classrooms - enabling us to deliver the same standard and level of learning and understanding in an online academy. All training is limited to a small group of attendees and is led by one of our fully qualified trainers, many have direct dealership experience and are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Using real-life scenarios and hands-on exercises to reinforce learning, you will be guided through a role-specific Learning Journey.

Our workshops are accompanied by our eLearning tool iLearn. iLearn allows your users to monitor their Learning Journey and progress through a personal account available 24 hours a day.

With regular competency testing on iLearn throughout the journey, your users will be able to move to complete their certification when they are ready.

Professional certification

Your teams will be able to prove their understanding in the final stage in their Learning Journey by becoming certified in Keyloop Drive. Certification will show your users have a proven understanding of best practice and how to apply it effectively, benefitting both them and your dealership.

Investing in training

Training is an important investment, both for new starters and existing staff. However, the upfront cost of training can be a barrier.

Work with Keyloop to spread the cost of training, allowing training to be transferred from departing team members to new starters, and ensure that your existing staff can both re-train and develop new skills.

Training Subscription Plan

Our Training Subscription Plan is a cost-effective way to provide all your system users with access to our full range of training materials and a Learning Journey to match their job role. 

It provides not only the knowledge required immediately, but on-going access to ensure that your staff are able to re-train and expand their knowledge as they progress through their career. It also allows easy and cost effective training for new hires, delivered by a team of qualified trainers using proven methods and technology.


"The training plan ensures that all of our staff from each department have access to regular training, knowledge articles and how-to videos. The individual Learning Journeys help support team development and contribute towards their annual objectives. Over the past few months we’ve made use of Keyloop’s virtual classroom training. The trainers limit the class sizes to ensure that we get the most out of each session, and we’re always able to get help with any additional queries or guidance in the same way that we would in a physical classroom environment."

Ian Joyce
Group Accountant, Nathaniel Cars

"Our trainer was absolutely superb - he did a very good job of first explaining the concept of reports, where we need to look for information and then how to extract, refine and display that information. He had a patient, informative, knowledgeable and entertaining coaching style that was wonderful - one of the best trainers I’ve ever come across."

James Baxter
Dealer Principal, Cuff Miller & Co

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