Increasing MOT revenue and improving customer data

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TjeKvik are pleased to join the international Partner Programme. Integration allows us to digitise the customer journey for dealers removing duplication and providing 24/7 check-in and out
Nick Pratt, TjeKvik


TjeKvik and Keyloop combine forces to enhance customer experience

Provide customers with an enhanced digital check-in experience using the integration of Digital Service Reception with your DMS. The solution offers a way to ensure social distancing within the dealership, and mobile check-in - allowing customers to check-in their vehicle for servicing and repair work.
The digital customer journey that TjeKvik offers includes:

  • A secure alternative robust digital experience for Service reception
  • DMS integrated plug-and-play solution
  • 24/7 availability for customers to check cars in and out
  • Mobile Check-In
  • Stress reduction at peak periods
  • Enhanced customer choice and satisfaction
  • Accurate data collection
  • Enhanced and consistent upsell and invoice increase opportunities

TjeKvik explain the benefits about joining the Keyloop International Partner Programme.


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