Voice Connect

Set new standards of service whenever you take a call. Your telephone service experience can improve dramatically with Voice Connect - a fully managed, cloud-based communication solution.
Improve Customer Service
Summary reports help you take action to improve call service quality.
Manage in Real-Time
Effectively manage your contact centre staff with a live feed of employee status.
Optimise Operations
Centralised phone operations improve efficiency while reducing costs.
Voice Connect Features
Voice Connect integrates your phone system directly with your Keyloop DMS customer database, giving you visibility of customer calls and interactions at every site.
Smarter Calls
Streamline internal collaboration using ‘Presence and Chat’, get intelligent call routing across sites and departments, and receive call recordings for training and audits.
Powerful Management Tools
Make changes centrally with improved management control, provide better service availability and use intuitive reporting tools to measure and monitor call performance.
Custom Plans
Combine offerings to get the services you want. Individual plans include: Customer-facing with call recorder, sales and management, reception, contact centre and the essentials user plan.
Call Intelligence Dashboard
Monitor queued environments and wait times, get a full Call Volume Summary report and see live status updates of contact centre staff from a single intuitive interface.
Create Value with Voice Connect
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Improve Customer Service
    Make every customer call process seamless by integrating voice communications with your Keyloop DMS applications. Want to know what’s really happening on your phones? Call performance transparency and real-time call visibility can help expose any bottlenecks and identify where brilliant customer service is happening.
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
    Centralise and standardise your telephony operations across all sites for lower costs and smoother processes. Intuitive reporting tools help monitor and measure call performance so that calls are not missed and are being followed up on.
  • Enhance Management Control
  • Enhance Management Control
    No more working in the dark. With the Call Intelligence Dashboard, it's easy to see the number of missed calls, outstanding call back requests and unanswered voicemails. Use this information to identify where you can improve staff resourcing, so that you can offer an excellent and more efficient customer service.
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