Get focused, actionable insights across your entire operation with one intuitive tool that integrates seamlessly with your Keyloop DMS.

Stay In The Know
Works with automated, up-to-the-minute data from your DMS, giving you a constantly updated stream of accurate information.
See The Whole Picture
Evaluate data across multiple business areas for a comprehensive dealership overview.
Involve Every Level
Easy-to-use dashboards which are tailored to different levels and areas of your team.
Insights features
Get an instant overview of company performance, so you always know exactly how you are trading against KPIs and act fast to resolve any issues.
Triple Layer Drill Down
Choose from quick insights, perfect for a pre-meeting update, or detailed, deep-dive analysis to help you understand key issues.
Interactive Visuals
See data refresh instantly and feel confident knowing that you’re always getting the latest picture.
Customised Reporting
Insights is built on data cubes that provide fast access to your figures, measures and KPIs, letting you create customised reports using Microsoft Excel or PowerBI.
Create Value with Insights
  • Reduce Risk
  • Reduce Risk
    When you can see potential risk areas, you can avoid them. Use your data analysis and the reporting functions to see patterns across operational areas and franchises.
  • Empower Teams
  • Empower Teams
    Persona-based dashboards give different levels of your team access to insights. This means they see the numbers they need to move the needle on their performance. 
  • Keep Budgets on Track
  • Keep Budgets on Track
    Compare current measures and KPIs against budget. And because it uses accurate, automated data from your DMS, you’re always in control.
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