The power of connections

Connect to new opportunities

Connections are the future of automotive commerce - and dealers are the centre point of it all.

What if all your systems, data, and partners were connected on a single open platform? What if you could give your customers a truly seamless experience?

Keyloop's new Partner Programme makes this possible.

We are developing this partner programme, so that your Dealer Management System will link smoothly to your third party suppliers. You will get instant connection instead of software workarounds; reliable data instead of re-keyed or lost numbers; and systems that will work with you .

And the time you save? Spend it where you've always wanted to: with your customers.


Why choose an integrated solution from Keyloop and our partners?

Connect. Collaborate. Grow.

Integrated solutions from our partners help you build a powerful future for your business.

The connected future of automotive retail won’t come from any single provider. The future lies in an entire universe of systems working as one. When we share data, integrate workflows and link systems on one universal platform, we can all help provide the glue the industry needs.

Get ready to open up new opportunities, save time, and innovate faster than ever before.


Improve your customers’ experience

Better experiences start with better connections.

It’s time to fill the gaps. Connect all your suppliers and systems into a seamless consumer journey, from showroom and finance to VHC solutions. No more double-keying, spreadsheets or manual workarounds.

Now you’re free to focus on what matters most: providing the best possible experience for existing customers – and finding new ones. It’s good for your customers and for your business. Win-win.


Richer, more actionable data

Connected data is powerful data. Your business benefits when data is truly integrated between your DMS and partner systems: you can act faster, make better decisions and open up new possibilities for your business.


The power to choose

Now it's easy to put together your own dream team of partners.

Keyloop's Partner Programme connects you to the third-party suppliers you work with every day. Share data, share insights, share the common goal of serving your customers better. Now is the time to connect your Dealer Management System to new technology, new partners, and new possibilities. Then scale up as you grow.

You choose. We'll take care of the connections.


Success stories from our customers
  • Barretts
  • Our sales team saw the benefits of the enquiryMAX integration immediately. The time they saved on rekeying data can now be dedicated to our customers. The quality of data is also a big benefit for us – we know it’s accurate because it’s synched directly from the DMS. We can even capture GDPR preferences, which are now also automatically updated in the DMS.

    Lee Apps
    Group IT Manager, Barretts Motor Group
  • LSH
  • We worked closely with CDK Global and enquiryMAX on the set-up and our sales team are definitely seeing the benefits of the integration. They now receive accurate data directly from the enquiryMAX application, helping them save time and boost efficiency.

    Kevin Delieu
    Application Support Manager, LSH Auto UK Limited