Connect. Collaborate. Create.

Connect your business to new opportunities

Connections are the key to automotive commerce today. It’s why we're on a mission to connect with partners worldwide through the Keyloop Partner Programme.

Imagine the possibilities: connecting your business to dealers and other providers, all on a single open platform that will share data easily and automatically. You can open up new opportunities, save time, and innovate faster than ever before.

It's good for your customers – and their consumers. And that makes it good business for everyone.


Why is Keyloop developing a Partner Programme?

The platform to connect, the power to grow

Keyloop's Partner Programme gives you a powerful new way to build stronger connections and grow your business.

It’s a single platform that:

  • Connects you with our international network of dealers
  • Empowers you to share and manage data seamlessly
  • Provides new ways to find new customers
  • Opens up new ways to scale your business

What can you do with Keyloop's APIs?

The Keyloop Open Platform will offer a variety of APIs that connect and integrate with our dealer management systems across the UK.

More Sales

Get interactive! Drive growth and stickiness as your sales app interacts directly with dealer data on customers, sales orders and inventories.

Better Service

Connect with repair orders, customer histories and other integrated dealer data to create a smoother, happier experience for everyone.

Smarter CRM

Find more qualified leads, connect with buyers and boost dealer revenues with API integrations for customers, companies and vehicles. 



The certification process

Become a certified Keyloop Open Platform partner

First things first: You must be certified to become a Keyloop Open Platform partner. During the process (which takes about six weeks) we’ll work with you to:

  • Validate your proposed API integration
  • Access dedicated trial instance of our DMS
  • Test the integration
  • Pilot the programme with one of your customers

Why get certified?


  • We’ll help make sure your integration works smoothly
  • You can use Certified Keyloop Partner branding in emails and marketing
  • Keyloop support to help you support your users


Interested in Keyloop International Partner Programme?