Service Booking

Make things quicker, easier and more convenient for your customers with Service Booking, the online solution that personalises the booking experience and links directly to your workshop diary.
Boost Profitability
When customers know booking is easy, they’ll choose your dealership.
Improve Service
In today’s world, customers look for – and expect – online booking.
Push Productivity
Digitising the booking process frees up your staff to focus on other tasks.
Service Booking Features
Help your dealership meet customer needs by giving them control over how and when they schedule service appointments.
Real-time Scheduling Tools
Because Service Booking is linked to your workshop diary, customers can see accurate, real-time scheduling information and appointment availability, improving their experience.
Book Online
The ability to book digitally directly from your website offers your customers flexibility and, crucially, a contact-free way to schedule an appointment.
DMS Integration
Service Booking is integrated with your DMS, creating a personalised account experience for your customers, with direct access to accurate pricing and service information.
Create Value With Service Booking
Service Booking
  • Book With Convenience
  • Book With Convenience
    With Service Booking, customers can organise their vehicle’s service appointment online, at a time that suits them and your dealership. It’s quick, simple and convenient.
  • Discover Upsell Opportunities
  • Discover Upsell Opportunities
    As well as making appointments, Service Booking’s structure makes it easy for customers to amend bookings, view the latest dealership offers and request additional items like winter health checks, on top of their service. These additional sales play a big part in your dealership maintaining a healthy bottom line.
  • Increase Productivity and Business
  • Increase Productivity and Business
    Being linked to a live workshop diary gives full visibility of technician availability. With no need for a follow-up phone call to complete the booking, Service Booking saves time and increases efficiency. 
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