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The Keyloop Brand

This is the home of our brand, from visual style guides to channel executions and templates. Each section will guide you through the Keyloop identity and give guidance on how to create a fully cohesive Keyloop brand, no matter the medium, channel or format.


Keyloop Brand Centre quick links

Keyloop logo
Brand colours
Typeface / Fonts


The Keyloop Logo

Our logo represents everything we stand for as a company, it's a sign-off, a signature, a sign of our brand presence and intent.

Cleanly drawn, unfussy in its presentation, our logo, consists of the word 'Keyloop' set in lowercase type, the looped double o is a nod to our mission: one platform to ensure continuity across your business, from parts, partners, suppliers to dealers, consumers and aftermarket service.

Keyloop logo: White
For use on dark backgrounds
Download Zip file
Contains: Adobe Illustrator, SVG, EPS,
PDF, Hi-Res PNG + Usage guide

Keyloop logo: Slate
Preferred when used on white
Download Zip file
Contains: Adobe Illustrator, SVG, EPS,
PDF, Hi-Res PNG, Hi-Res JPG + Usage guide

Keyloop logo: Carbon
For if you can't use the slate version
Download Zip file
Contains: Adobe Illustrator, SVG, EPS,
PDF, Hi-Res PNG, Hi-Res JPG + Usage guide

Colour Palette

Our approach to colour is simple: it all begins with our 'Aurora' gradient. Our Aurora is then supported by a selection of primary colours, white, slate, carbon, and tints.

The Aurora gradient is our hero brand asset, used to signal our brand's presence across all of our brand communications and touchpoints. The gradient features three main colours: Aurora #1 a mid-blue, Aurora #2 a bright green, and Aurora #3 a bright blue. These colours should not be confused with our Accent Bright Blue or Product Stream Green.

When using the Aurora gradient within your designs, please use the supplied brand assets only, please do not attempt to recreate the gradient yourself without permission from the brand team.

Download the Aurora Gradient Zip here. Contains: Adobe Illustrator version - CMYK and RGB, plus JPG and PNG versions.

 Logo, DarksSlate
RGB: 60 87 107
CMYK:80 55 35 26
PMS: 294U
RGB: 255 255 255
CMYK: 0 0 0 0
RGB: 60,87,107
CMYK:55 20 0 5
PMS: 7458U
RGB: 152 235 211
CMYK: 30 0 20 0
PMS: 566U
RGB: 135 230 255
CMYK: 40 0 0 0
PMS: 304U
RGB: 60,87,107
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
PMS: Black
RGB: 230 231 232
CMYK: 5 5 5 5
PMS: 7541U
 BrightsBright Blue
RGB: 0 221 255
CMYK: 65 0 0 0
PMS: 638U
RGB: 0 246 210
CMYK: 54 0 33 0
PMS: 3248U
RGB: 255 240 90
CMYK: 0 0 75 0
PMS: 101U
 Dark Blue
RGB: 0 48 209
CMYK: 95 76 0 0
PMS: 293U
RGB: 60 87 107
CMYK: 74 32 0 32
PMS: 2145U
RGB: 60 87 107
PMS: 294U
RGB: 109 64 246
CMYK: 75 70 0 0
PMS: PMS 2746U
RGB: 245 75 100
CMYK :0 90 60 0
PMS: 206U

Keyloop Typefaces

IBM Plex Sans is an open-source typeface superfamily conceptually designed and developed by Mike Abbink at IBM in collaboration with Bold Monday. Highly legible and featuring a precise, 'machined' character, IBM Plex Sans, is the perfect choice for our needs.

Available To All

An ongoing open-source project, IBM Plex Sans is widely available whether by downloading directly from the official Plex website, or available to specify using the Google Fonts service.

Display, Headlines

Headers.For display text and headlines, we recommend using IBM Plex Sans Extra-Light and Light. Typically headers and display copy are seen at much larger sizes, for some instances where we specify an extremely large number or piece of text, we would recommend using IBM Plex Sans Thin.

Sub Headers.For sub-headers, we recommend using IBM Plex Sans Light.

Body Copy, Small Text

Body Copy.For body copy we recommend using Plex Sans Light or Plex Sans Regular. The Light and Regular weights bring much-needed contrast and legibility for body copy that is typically seen at much smaller sizes.

When you need a more "relaxed and friendly" typeface

Use this font sparingly! The font "Relation" (available from Adobe fonts) is intended for use only in certain situation where you need something more friendly than IBM Plex sans. Examples might include HR documents and Social media posts about regional occasions, such as Mother's day.