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The Keyloop Brand

This is the home of our brand, from visual style guides to channel executions and templates. Each section will guide you through the Keyloop identity and give guidance on how to create a fully cohesive Keyloop brand, no matter the medium, channel or format.


Keyloop Brand Centre: Iconograhy

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Keyloop icons

Our marketing icon contain a number of characteristics which should be adhered to, when creating, to maintain consistency across the sets. Some characteristics are detailed below:

  • Simple and clean
  • Flat and 2D
  • Using the Aurora gradient (where possible) for distinction and ownability
  • Stroke style (as opposed to filled) — light, contemporary and more creatively flexible


When creating new icons in the Keyloop style, the relationship between icon and stroke thickness can be understood by downloading and opening the zipped Adobe Illustrator file "how-to-make-keyloop-icons"

Example icon colours.

On the left, the preferred Aurora gradient style. On the right, the alternative - Keyloop Slate colour. Note the alternative is the preferred choice if using icons within Powerpoint, but to it's mishandling of gradient fills.

Example icons

Below is a selection of some of the Keyloop-style icons that already exist. For these (and more) icons in Adobe Illustrator format, please contact the Marketing department.