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Dealerweb Showroom
Dealerweb Showroom synchronises sales and enquiry data across systems, reducing the need for rekeying and helping lower costs, increase efficiencies and ensure compliance.
RTC Aftersales from RTC helps dealers streamline aftersales operations, from inbound bookings, workshop management and VHCs through to retention of customers.
Saysimple allows dealers to instantly recognise customers who contact them via business messaging (a.o. WhatsApp) thanks to a direct, real-time link to the DMS. Saysimple's omnichannel platform allows dealers to enter into ongoing conversations. Smart features like smart routing and call defection helps dealers to optimize customer communication
CarQall helps dealers recognise customers who phone the dealership and link them to their vehicles. This recognition enables Max, CarQall's digital assistant, to schedule an appointment for the workshop and/or showroom.
VentaVid Aftersales allows the service department to send a VHC video directly to the customer that includes the recommended repairs and pricing. Customers can approve the work remotely and also leave feedback.
OVIO CarBook
OVIO CarBook helps dealers keep track of everything related to a vehicle by maintaining data on vehicle maintenance, inspection and care information and allows consumers to check the history of their car using an app.
SalesOne from OneDoc helps with the management of digital documents through a simple, powerful and centralised user interface in a single control point that enables the entire document flow process.
ID Sign from AliasLab allows documents to be forwarded to customers to electronically sign and enables the collection of GDPR consents which can be updated directly in the DMS for existing customers, or created for new ones.
Meet & Greet from OTOLINK automates the walk-in process in the showroom to capture all the customer details and requirements electronically with a few clicks.
MadDevs - iTrackLEADS
iTrackLEADS seamlessly integrates data into enquiryMAX and allows users to receive and update leads in real-time, with every key status change in the sale journey captured and recorded.
MadDevs - iStoreDOCS
iStoreDOCS enables the seamless flow of digital documents, allowing dealers to benefit from the compliance, document storage, and customer retention tools that iStoreDOCS provides.
StockBook from SalesMaster will further enhance StockBook data with a direct link for all DMS stock vehicle information and allows the updating of reserved vehicles in real-time.