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Vehicle Portal from Modix enables the publication of vehicle information into portals using the vehicle stock data that resides in the DMS.
DF Server enables the digitisation of documents and processes and automatically integrates with DMS to send and receive supplier invoices, vehicle data, customer data and repair orders.
Caribou from Bubocar digitises the workshop process for customers. Repair videos can be sent directly to the customer and approved with one click and payments can be made online.
Avi Automoción
Avi Automoción helps dealers manage their CRM and digital marketing processes, including lead management, customer communications and reporting.
Simetrical helps dealers transform their data into actionable insights by extracting it from the DMS and converting it into KPIs on dashboards.
Sharebox helps dealers with the planning, implementation and operations for indoor check-in terminals and outdoor, secure check-in & check-out service stations.
Plan-IT helps dealers manage workshop appointments and optimise technicians’ time through a digital scheduling system.
Claire offers dealers a digital work order and aftersales process that improves efficiency for Service Technicians and helps boost customer satisfaction thanks to its transparency.
Web Industry
Waluta from Webindustry supports dealers in the vehicle part exchange and customer negotiation process, by performing a review of condition and provides a restoration estimate.
SmileNet allows dealers to extract new and used vehicle stock information to facilitate an online sales marketplace and also enables vehicle reservation and deposit confirmation.
MyRent allows dealers to manage their rental activity in a number of ways, including short or medium term, courtesy car, pre-assignment or external rental.
Esosphera enables interactive booking in the workshop with a chatbot that answers phone calls, retrieves information from the DMS and asks the customer a series of questions.