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News   |   20 May 2022

Chief Innovation Officer Glen Demetrioff to lead globally from Winnipeg Office


May 10, Winnipeg, Canada:  Keyloop, the global automotive technology company, has launched a swat-team style innovation division out of its Canadian offices in Winnipeg. Headed by Chief Innovation Officer, Glen Demetrioff, formerly CEO of RAPID RTC (acquired by Keyloop in March 2021), the innovation team is comprised of fifteen ‘Keyloopers’ who will be focused on exploring technological ideas that disrupt the global automotive retail and service experience and streamline the operational process at dealerships to help improve efficiency.


Technology is constantly changing and enables people to come together and innovate in ways that could alter the landscape of how consumers interact with solutions and services. The innovation team will be tasked with unearthing ideas, strategies and concepts to help Keyloop deliver its mission of ‘making everything about buying and owning a car better’.


The team has introduced a clear strategy for establishing cross-functional collaboration, and getting everyone involved is one of the most important steps. Every employee will be invited to share their ideas with the innovation team via online collaborative workspaces. The ideas will then be run through the innovation team’s agile and responsive innovation framework to evaluate and prioritise ideas. The framework includes prototyping, implementing in-market testing, pilots, and continuous in-market listening loops. A hybrid agile development strategy allows for accelerated pivoting through a learn, modify, and sharpen proof-of-concept approach.


Tom Kilroy, President and CEO of Keyloop says: “Having Glen lead our global innovation strategy was a natural choice. His impressive track record and reputation for building highly energized development teams to deliver industry-leading applications has spanned nearly two decades. By anchoring our Innovation hub in Canada, at the University of Manitoba’s SMARTPARK in Winnipeg, the grand opening of our new state-of-the-art development centre will be the perfect environment to support Glen’s vision of collaborative ideation and industry disruption.”       


On the creation of the Innovation Team, Glen Demetrioff says: “Innovation does not reside in a meeting room nor is it owned by a dedicated team. The Innovation Team or as internally known as “Black Ops”, are simply stewards of the ideas that our colleagues and our clients raise to us. Our role is to explore, conceptualize, and expeditiously develop working proof of concepts to significantly reduce viability testing. It takes countless ideas to find an idea that will truly revolutionize and disrupt the industry we serve. But once we find it, it will contribute to a new standard of success for our clients and partners across the globe.”


Glen was also a judge in Keyloop’s recent University DealerTech competition, which aims to find the next great automotive retail innovation from students across 15 universities in the UK, Ireland, and Canada. The spirit of the competition, and the imagination and invention of the ideas the student teams presented, embody the kind of innovation Glen wants to foster across Keyloop internally. He continues:


“The DealerTech competition showcased the kind of thinking we want to encourage across our teams here at Keyloop. Very much focused on the future, and on problem solving real issues across the industry, it was fascinating to see what people who have yet to enter the world of automotive retail think about our industry. What really stood out was the integration of ideas – blending existing technologies with future problems – to come up with totally new solutions. We truly believe some of the most influential innovations will come from people of all backgrounds and at all levels.”





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