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News   |   15 April 2022

Future-Motive Technology helps retailers meet consumer demands


Tim Pearcey, UK & Ireland Sales Director with Keyloop reveals the key questions retailers should ask when designing the best sales and service experiences for their customers

Q. How can I engage customers and prospects online, the same way I can in the showroom? Key consumer stat: 88% of car buyers would like a personalised digital experience with Sales teams*

A. The key to this is deceptively simple: if you can mimic your customer’s in-person sales process with an engaging online experience, digital engagement is cracked. Customers want to effortlessly toggle across touchpoints, from live chat to video calls, text alerts to in-person meetings and more. The Keyloop Solution Digital engagement solutions from RAPID RTC (a Keyloop company) offer retailers the possibility to give customers a personalised digital communication experience through their preferred channel, including video, chat, email and text. This means Salespeople can create the same rapport virtually as in the showroom and increases their chances of closing the sale.

Q. How can I use digital technologies to ensure a smooth in-store purchase experience? Key consumer stat: 63% of car buyers believe visiting the dealership is an essential step in their path to purchase*

A. Turning customers into buyers can be a challenge. The key is to have a clear oversight of all enquiries and harness technology to elegantly drive them through the sales process. The Keyloop Solution enquiryMAX (a Keyloop company) logs enquiries, schedules appointments and gives your sales teams everything they need to build the best possible deal for your customers. It guides users through every step in the process, from choosing the specs, to part exchange and selecting vehicle finance in one simple and easy-to-use tool. And since it’s integrated with the Keyloop Dealer Management System, the deal can easily be synced with the DMS to make the sales workflow quick, easy and efficient.

Q. How can I meet customers’ expectations for online shopping? Key consumer stat: 37% of car buyers are ready and willing to complete their next car purchase online*

A. Your customers need to feel as at home on your website as they do in your showroom, so put a first-class user experience at the heart of your e-commerce strategy.

The Keyloop Solution 

SilverBullet (a Keyloop company) delivers an online retailing platform that increases customer engagement and helps drive sales. It helps to give customers the confidence to buy online, by offering them a quick, responsive, and intuitive purchase experience. It favours customer convenience and transparency, as it can remove the stress some car buyers can feel during price negotiations and allows your showroom to be open 24/7.

Q. How can I make it easier for customers to complete important documentation for their new car purchase? Key consumer stat: 78% of car buyers would prefer to complete and sign key documentation online*

A. Providing a solution where customers can complete the necessary deal paperwork in the comfort of their own home is a win-win solution for both customers and dealership Sales teams. The Keyloop Solution With Keyloop Sales Docs, car buyers can access and sign sales documents remotely. For your customers, we’re sure they will value the improved convenience of completing deal paperwork at home (perhaps even with a glass of something to celebrate their new purchase?). For your Sales teams, digitising the sales documentation saves both time and money. In fact, research has shown they could save between 2-4 hours on every deal file, which will quickly add up to big gains.

Q. How can I make the service experience more convenient for my customers? Key consumer stat: 55% of car owners would like to receive message updates from the retailer about the status of their car during their vehicle service*

A. One of the key challenges for car owners during their service is keeping in touch with the workshop. It’s so easy to miss a call if they’re busy, (or stuck on another Zoom call…) whilst the workshop is waiting for the authorisation they need to move forward. The Keyloop Solution Keyloop Communications allows Service Advisors to send text messages to customers at key points in the process, both to keep them up to date and request important authorisation when needed. It’s also possible to use solutions from approved Keyloop Partners to include a video of the work required with accurate pricing which can increase transparency and build consumer trust.

Q. What else do car owners really value when it comes to car servicing? Key consumer stats: 60% of car owners would like to receive service documentation digitally and 50% would like to be able to pay for maintenance work online*

A. Customers are used to being able to read essential documentation and pay online in many industries, so they expect the same from auto retail too. The Keyloop Solution Keyloop Service Docs allows customers to receive and sign key documentation related to their vehicle maintenance remotely. When this is coupled with Keyloop Payments, which allows customers to securely pay for maintenance work before collecting their vehicle, these two solutions can not only speed up the check-out process, but also save time for your Service Advisors. It’s a win-win. Keyloop solutions, and those from our valued partners, are designed to support retailers in digitally transforming their sales and aftersales processes. 

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 *Keyloop Whitepaper - Digitalisation: An Unstoppable Force in Automotive Retailing and Aftersales (2021)