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News   |   10 February 2022

Keyloop and Graco work together to improve workshop effectiveness


Graco has joined the Keyloop International Partner Programme after completing a robust certification process, ensuring integration of the Graco Pulse Pro® Fluid Management System with Keyloop Drive Dealer Management System (DMS). It has been fully and successfully tested to give mutual customers a seamless, integrated offering. 

What is the Graco Pulse® Pro?

Pulse® Pro is an innovative wireless fluid management system for vehicle and fleet service. The Pulse Pro system provides forward-thinking service operations with the insight, control and analytics needed to simplify decisions and drive profitability in the age of the seamlessly connected workshop.

It’s an intuitive system that controls the flow and inventory of fluids used in car dealerships. Fluids controlled range from synthetics to mineral-based oils to antifreeze and windshield washer fluid. At its heart is the hub which provides the website that shows up on a computer, tablet or smartphone via the customer’s local network. The hub talks to the other components of Pulse® Pro such as the meter, the pump air controller, and the tank level monitor, using a custom wireless network.


What’s the value of integrating the two systems?

“Graco showed an interest in joining the Keyloop Partner Program back in 2018, and became a certified partner in July 2020,” explains Jules Grinnell, Global Partner Director at Keyloop.

There are two major advantages to integrating Pulse® Pro with Keyloop. Firstly, it gives full assurance that oil dispensed in the workshops of Keyloop’s customers only appear against work orders. “In order for a dispense to occur, a valid WIP number must be entered into a keypad on the Pulse® Pro meter,” explains Jules. “If the WIP isn’t recognised in the DMS, then the dispense won’t be authorised.” Secondly, once the dispense is complete, the exact amount of fluid dispensed appears as a line on the WIP in the system at the allocated price per litre ready for invoicing.




How straightforward is integration?

“The integration is live and certified, and has been piloted and tested by Heritage Automotive at their Volkswagen site in Bristol, and Sycamore BMW in Peterborough,” adds Jules. Integrating the two systems is a quick and easy process that takes just a few simple steps. The end user sets up an integration account online. Once this is confirmed, the end user can enable the integration between Pulse® Pro and the DMS with a few clicks of a button. 

“Graco’s integration with our Keyloop DMS makes managing stock levels simple,” explains Karen Parker, Head of Aftersales, Heritage Automotive. “It minimises stock loss, helps control our purchasing, improves aftersales efficiency and significantly protects our oil margins by using the Pulse Pro solution. Now all oil gets booked out to the correct workshop jobs in the DMS, time-stamped so it’s easy to audit and with the exact amount of oil used. As it’s automated, the system reduces any need for calls between departments to amend what’s been booked out. And with the solution being fully integrated with Keyloop, it’s seamless and forms part of our daily workshop processes in the DMS.”




What key data are communicated between Pulse® Pro and Keyloop?

Dispense data, dispense authorisation and posting messages are sent between the systems, including work order number, fluid part number, fluid quantity and, optionally, fluid price, oil filter and other dispense-related items. “A workshop now has the ability to monitor and track the quantity of fluid/oil being dispensed to a vehicle as well as ensuring the fluid is not being overfilled,” says Jules. “And a dealer avoids having to re-key data back into the DMS, which will save them considerable time. They also get real-time integration and a seamless user experience.”

Learn more about Graco's Pulse® Pro Fluid Management for your own workshop at the Pulse® Pro webpage.