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News   |   13 May 2022

Tom Kilroy's Top 5 takeaways from the Automotive 30% Club conference.


Don’t be afraid.

Be prepared to listen to some tough conversations as you learn about your organisation’s approach to DE&I, it is only from these conversations that you can start to affect change.

Be honest.

Don’t cover issues with a fig leaf or assume you can just tick a box to fix things, it is crucial to really address how you are collectively doing when it comes to inclusion.

Understand the critical nature of data.

Without it you can’t understand what is 3 happening across the business, nor take the practical steps you need to take to address it.

Recognise the importance of sponsorship.

Sponsoring and mentoring individuals, prioritising their growth path and progression is critical in helping businesses defeat embedded bias.

Embrace the power of collaboration.

The automotive industry has not always been recognised for industrywide collaboration, but if we are to address DE&I we need to do so together. What an incredible opportunity for us all.