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Take control of the multi-channel communication experience with Message and drive loyalty through every SMS and email interaction.


Simplify communication

Resolve simple enquiries and update customers quickly using shared response channels.

Improve responsiveness

Measure customer engagement in key areas and coach your teams to boost responsiveness.

Create consistency

Engage customers with helpful, concise conversations from every area of your dealership.

Personalise interactions

Build great relationships with a 360° view of every customer across messaging channels.


Drive efficient communication dealership-wide and easily personalise every customer interaction.

Team-based channels

Team-based channels

With Keyloop Message, your SMS and email channels are managed by assigned teams. Each channel is completely two-way and linked to your core service and sales processes, making sure your teams only receive messages they can help with. Any available team member can engage any customer with access to the full conversation history – accelerating your entire messaging process. This helps you ensure:

  • Faster, more consistent communication for your customers
  • Easier enquiry management for your teams

Customisable routing

Customisable routing

Drive performance dealership-wide with every SMS and email message sent directly to the right people. Keyloop Message lets you customise your routing and auto-reply options for each messaging channel, helping your teams communicate with customers efficiently and without delay. It not only simplifies the conversation handling process for both channels, it also:

  • Gives your teams more flexibility to ensure timely interactions with customers
  • Saves time across key areas of your dealership

Connected records

Connected records

Keyloop Message gives you a 360° view of engagement with every customer. It connects their identity across messages and channels, keeping them at the heart of your business. Every historical and real-time interaction with them, via both SMS and email, is there all in one place. For you, this means:

  • Customers feel valued when you recognise them, no matter which channel they use
  • Any team member who handles the conversation immediately has the context they need to craft a helpful message

Multi-channel options

Multi-channel options

You can easily monitor conversations on each channel, helping you give customers a seamless multi-channel experience across departments. With 24/7 two-way messaging options, your teams save time with fewer outbound calls. And – since Keyloop Message is integrated with your DMS, your data stays up to date. Full audit trails of all conversations help you:

  • Measure and boost responsiveness to give your customers an even better experience
  • Coach your teams on best practices for customer engagement

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