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Want to make your invoicing process smoother, faster and more cost-effective? Discover Invoicing, powered by KOFAX.


Save Money

An automated invoice process helps saves time, resources and costs.

Boost Performance

Speed up the invoicing process so your team are free to take on more productive tasks.

Improve Accuracy

Electronic invoice data is automatically extracted, avoiding errors from manual re-keying.

Build Relationships

Strengthen relationships with suppliers and secure better value for your dealership.


Research from KOFAX reports an efficient, automated invoicing solution can make a big difference.

75 %

Faster invoicing process time

57 %

Reduction in invoice exception rates

6 x

Lower invoice processing costs


With automated data extraction, smart analytics and faster processes, Invoicing delivers exactly what your dealership needs.

DMS Integration

DMS Integration

Invoicing digitally receives, interprets and inputs invoice data directly into your DMS thanks to seamless integration. This means your purchase ledger is always:

  • Accurate
  • Up to date

Built-in Analytics

Built-in Analytics

Easy to use dashboards give you valuable insights into invoice activity and team performance and help you:

  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Make sharper, better informed business decisions

Tailored to You

Tailored to You

No matter how you receive your invoices, on paper or electronically, Invoicing makes the process work for you, by:

  • Extracting the data and validating it based on rules specified by you
  • Being scalable and cloud hosted, so it can work for any size of dealership

Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows

Remove the inefficiency of manual paper-based processes by streamlining tasks including:

  • Receiving invoices
  • Approval and enquiry
  • Validation
  • Reconciliation and settlements

Customer Success Stories

"The main benefit of Keyloop Invoicing is the time it saves us. We can now get all our invoices loaded onto the system and verified much quicker than before. The integration with the Keyoop DMS has also cut down all the manual processes and picks up any duplicates and invoice credits right away."

Sophie Zelin, Accounts AssistantLSH Auto

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