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Service Docs

Maximise efficiency for your service team, boost productivity and increase warranty approval rates with Service Docs (formerly known as iServiceFile).


Streamline Processes

Automate workflows so that service job files are accurately tracked and completed.

Save Time

No need to chase up missing documents or signatures.

Increase Warranty Approval Rates

Approval rates are increased with the first attempt.

Save on Costs

Reduced print and paper storage costs can bring great savings to your business.


An easy-to-use DMS integrated platform that streamlines workflows for your service team.

Share Docs

Share Docs

Conducting all your communications online via Share Docs gives you a safe and secure way to deal with all your key sales paperwork. It means:

  • Customers receive, sign and return all documents via email or SMS
  • You can give customers the convenient, contact-free option they’re looking for

Digitised Workflows

Digitised Workflows

Digitisation not only takes away the potential errors that occur in paper-based processes, it creates efficient workflows, with electronic notifications that help the whole team, including:

  • Service Advisors - handovers are quicker and reporting becomes more efficient
  • Service Technicians - they can access information and complete key documents without needing to leave the service bay

DMS Integration

DMS Integration

Service Docs is integrated with your Keyloop DMS, so it automatically imports data, ensuring:

  • There’s no need for your service team to double key information
  • Accurate, up to date customer vehicle records
  • Secure, 24/7 access to documents


Since introducing Service Docs across our dealer network, we’ve seen some real benefits. It’s helping boost efficiencies in the service department and we’re also seeing a considerable increase in warranty approvals.


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