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For Partners


Why Join the Keyloop Partner Programme?

Our international Partner Programme gives you a powerful new way to strengthen your products, find new customers, and even enter new markets.

Become a certified Keyloop partner and you can:

  • Connect with our international network of dealers
  • Share and manage data between your systems and ours, seamlessly
  • Scale and grow your business

What Can You Do with Keyloop APIs?

Help retailers sell more

Help retailers sell more

Ready to drive more growth for your customers? Let your showroom apps interact directly with Keyloop DMS data on customers, sales orders and vehicle inventories. Each sale is smooth, easy and efficient for your customers and ours.

Improve the workshop experience

Improve the workshop experience

Help customers see what’s going on, and learn just what to expect, by plugging critical DMS data into workshop applications such as live or recorded video. You can also link repair orders, parts pricing, vehicle histories and more.

Boost retailer marketing and CRM management

Boost retailer marketing and CRM management

Here’s a powerful way to help retailers find more qualified leads, make digital connections with potential buyers and create personalised purchase experiences. The secret: integrate key customer and vehicle data from the Keyloop DMS.

Partner Certification

Our customers have to feel confident in the partner apps we offer them. That’s why we go through a robust certification process before we bring new partners on board. We’ll get to know you and test the integration between your solutions and ours.

The process typically takes around six weeks as we work with you to:

  • Validate your integration methods
  • Create a dedicated trial instance of our DMS
  • Test the links between our systems
  • Pilot the integration with one of your customers

Once this process is complete, you’ll be officially certified as a Keyloop partner for the tested products.

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