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Service Manager Workshop - Course Overview

Delivery Method:
Virtual Classroom

Course Duration:
2 Days

Course Objective

The purpose of this training is to assist you in carrying out the daily, weekly and monthly tasks performed within the workplace. It captures and addresses the pain points for these tasks whilst utilising the tools learnt throughout the Learning Journey.

At the end of this Learning Journey you will be able to accurately and successfully carry out the tasks covered in the Content list below:



  • Operator Management
  • Labour Price Management
  • Creating & maintaining Invoice Messages
  • Service Management –Global RTS codes
  • Manage & maintain Menu Pricing structures
  • Utilisingthe Invoice Verification Tool
  • Workshop Control –Key stages of Technician clockings
  • Workshop Loading set up & management –Resource Availability, Holiday Planners, Shifts, Workshop Calendar, Adjusted Availability, Resources
  • Creating & maintaining Technician Ability –Skills and Efficiencies
  • Maintaining & managing Idle Times
  • Standard Point of Sale Reporting


Advanced Preparation

In advance of attending the workshop element of the Learning Journey, users will need to have completed the eLearning lessons followed by successfully passing an online competency test.

How to Book

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